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Post Date: 05/23/2017 Industry: Software/Hardware


Job Summary
Be a part of the Display and Touch Calibration and Instrumentation group to develop customized solutions for calibrating, characterizing, and testing. You will be responsible for developing optical system solutions that is flexible and mass-production friendly to calibrate fully-assembled devices. Be one of the first people in the world to witness new Apple products being assembled for the first time.

Key Qualifications
?? 3+ years of professional experiences in optics or imaging.
?? Excellent written and oral communication skills; clear communication with cross-functional teams.
?? Knowledgeable in one of more of the following areas: Camera, Display, Optics, Color Science, Image Processing
?? Very familiar with image sensors and optical instruments, as well as their selections for a particular application.
?? Professional experience working with imaging system and measurement system is highly desirable.
?? Experiences large quantity data statistics and analysis with tools such as JMP, Origin etc.
?? Great attitude towards stepping into uncharted technology space and work hard to deliver solutions in a timely fashion.
?? Software programming skills in MATLAB, Objective-C, C, Python is a plus.
?? The willingness and ability to travel to Asia is required.

The Display and Touch Calibration and Instrumentation group is currently seeking an individual with very strong optics background to develop new calibration systems. The individual should be very familiar with sensor and their selections such as CCD and CMOS sensor, camera and lenses, and have prior experience working with optical benches to perform optical system mock-up. Starting from the first prototyping phase towards the final engineering validation phase of the product, work with industry talents and cross-functional counterparts to specify calibration and measurement methodology according to specific product characteristics, quality and performance requirements.

The individual will specify and acquire measurement components/tools such as high-speed cameras, colorimeter, spectrometer, integrating sphere etc. Furthermore, the individual will also optimize the entire customized HW fixture, working with SW solution as well, to deliver mass-production friendly calibration and inspection station. It is expected that the individual will work with other members of the team to qualify, debug, and well as deploy solutions during engineering phase of a program and hand-off the solution to other teams for mass replications.

The ideal candidate should have background in one or more of the following areas: imaging and non-image optics, display and touch technology and layer stack-up, color science, physics and psychophysics background. Display Optical Calibration System Designer Page 1 of 2 Hands-on skills such as data analysis with JMP is also very beneficial to be successful in this role. Relevant background knowledge and excellent technical communication skills will help further in the delivery of a perfect solution.

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